Detecting Warts On Your Pet

We all know that people can get warts , but what about your family pet? Believe it or not, our dog can most certainly get warts.Certai...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Detecting Warts On Your Pet

We all know that people can get warts, but what about your family pet? Believe it or not, our dog can most certainly get warts.Certain viruses are most definitely able to cause the growth of small round skin tumors that are mostly referred to as warts. We can find many different ways to see what a wart looks like.

How do warts look on pets?

You can see pictures of different warts by looking at different Internet sites,o r you can go to the library and get information and pictures of
different types of warts.Like people pets can develop small round shaped skin growths that many of us assume are basically harmless on a human so it would be harmless for your dog. That is not necessarily true. In reality, there are many types of round skin growths that can be hard to detect because they are so small.

It is very important that your pet has them examined by the vet. Such growths that are the shape of a small round skin growth may not be innocuous viral warts.Most growths that can develop on your skin must be removed from your skin and a biopsy may have to be done so that the type of wart you have can be identified.Dogs can get the wart called viral warts, but on a dog, warts will not be from the same virus that can cause human warts.

Can I give my pet warts?

Dogs cannot get a wart from people and of course people cannot get a wart from the dog. When we are dealing with a dog we do not call these growths "warts", We use the most formal term that is called "viral papilloma.
These are benign skin tumors that are caused by the canine oral papillomavirus.These papillomas are round but will often have a rough surface that is similar to a sea anemone or a cauliflower.

These will usually appear on a young dogs lips and muzzle. This is usually in dogs that are 2 years or younger.These warts will also occur in groups rather than as a single growth.This infection is transmitted with the papillomas on an infected dog.The incubation period in your dog is 1-2 months.This virus can only be spread among dogs.It is actually not contagious to humans or other pets you may have.

How do they get infected?

For a dog to become infected, the dog will most likely have a weak immune system. This is why the infected wart will appear on a younger dog.We do not know at this time if the dog that is infected must actually show visible lesions for the warts to be contagious. So since your dog cannot tell you he has something that is bothering him remember what you have studied on warts so you can help your dog when they may occur on him.

Warts can be very bothersome to animals, so if you do suspect your animal has warts, take them to the vet and get it checked out. The warts can be treated and your pet will be much better off thanks to your loving care.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Description of Warts

Warts are viral infections that will usually appear on the skin. Warts appear as rough, grayish growths the vary in different sizes. They can be found on the genitals, rectum, urethra, even in the mouth. When you see a wart start showing on your skin, the virus usually will enter through a cut, crack, or a scratch and incubates a few months before erupting into warts.

Most times warts go away on their own without any treatment. However, warts that appear on the genitals, fingernails, palms, and soles of your feet can be difficult to treat. In the case of children warts usually last a few months to a year, in adults, they commonly will last months to even years. You may never completely get rid of warts.The most common skin warts are the most prevalent type.

Identifying different types of warts

Warts may show up anywhere on your skin. Those that appear on the soles of your feet, that are called plantar warts. They grow inward rather than outward. Common warts are mildly contagious and often spread on your body by picking, scratching, shaving, or biting your own nails. They also can be passed on to others through direct contact. Genital warts are often passed between sexual partners.

Low-cost treatments

Before you call your doctor, Duo-film, which is an over-the-counter product, can be fairly effective at getting rid of your warts. Make sure that you follow the directions on the package exactly how it tells you. The immune system also will fight wart viruses, so anything that you can do to stay healthy will help tremendously. In addition, the medicinal herb Echinacea is an immune stimulant.

Studies have shown that when you take this orally, it will help fight the viral infections by stimulating the release of intereron, your body's own virus fighting chemical.Echinacea teas, pills, and tinctures which are most commonly known as alcohol preparations are available at health or food stores in your area.

When you do decide to call your doctor, They will treat your warts most likely by freezing,("cryotherapy"), burning ("cauterization"), chemicals, and scalpel or laser surgery.Freezing surgery will leave a scar, but the freezing method to get rid of your warts actually causes the least amount of scarring.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Over-the-Counter Wart Removers

Do you have warts?  If you do, you are not alone.  It is estimated that millions of Americans, maybe even more, suffer from this unflattering, but harmless skin condition. Despite being harmless, some warts are unattractive and unflattering. If this is how you feel about your warts, you may be interested in having them removed.

Different wart removal methods

When it comes to wart removal, there are a number of different removal methods. These methods include;

  • Removal by trained professionals.
  • The use of home remedies, or the use of over-the-counter wart removers.
It has been noted that over-the-counter wart removal products are one of the most popular way to remove warts, in the United States.  If you have never purchased an over-the-counter wart remover before, you may be wondering which ones are the best. Of course, you are advised to make your own decision, but are encouraged to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular over-the- counter wart removers, currently on the market.

Over the counter products

When looking for over-the-counter wart removers, there is a good chance that you will come across products that are made by Compound W.  

  • Compound W-  has a number of highly recommended and highly rated wart removal products. Perhaps, their most popular product is Compound W Freeze Off. The Compound W Freeze Off comes highly recommended by past users; in fact, it is one of the highest rated freeze-off formulas currently available for sale.  Compound W Freeze Off is the same procedure that many professional doctors use. You could not only have your warts removed, but you could also save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office.

  • Although Curad may not be as well-known as Compound W, Dr. Scholl’s, Wartrol or other popular wart remover manufacturers, they do make a popular and effective product. That product is medicated pads. The Curad Mediplast Corn, Callus, and Wart Remover is, not only effective at removing warts, but a number of other skin conditions. The medicated pads, which contain around forty percent Salicylic Acid, are effective at removing warts.                                                          

  • In addition to freeze-off formulas and medicated pads, you can also seek wart removal help from liquid formulas.  One of the products that offer this alternative type of medication is Wart-Off. 
Maximum Strength Wart-Off Wart Remover is effective at completely eliminating common warts, including planter warts, in a matter of minutes. The liquid is applied to your skin with a small dropper. After the application has been made, you may be able to see results right away. The quick results of Wart-Off are amazing.


As you might have assumed, the above mentioned over-the-counter wart removal products, are just a few of the many that are available for sale. Many of the products listed above are made by well-known and well trusted companies.

Whether you make the decision to purchase one of the above mentioned over-the-counter wart removers or another one, you are advised to thoroughly examine the product and read all directions before you start using the product. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Difference Between A Wart And A Mole

Image result for warts and moleWarts and moles appear to be the same, but they are not related. Warts are painless growths that appear on any part of the body. They are caused by long standing viral conditions.  while moles are are areas of the skin that are heavily pigmented with melanin,the substance that is responsible for general skin coloring.

Warts will vary in their appearance. Warts are not dangerous but can most definitely become a nuisance. A mole that you have from birth may eventually develop into a malignant melanoma. If this occurs it should be removed by a physician immediately. Some types of warts are as follows.We all probably know about a common wart. These will appear on your hands or feet.

The typical common wart is a hard lump that has a roughened ,cauliflower-like surface. Moles can appear anywhere on the body. They are small,roughly circular areas of skin that are much darker than the surrounding skin.The larger moles may have course hairs growing out of them. Some moles are present from birth.In some people a few have developed during their childhood. Look for different changes in your children skin to make sure that you always know that they do not need medical attention of any sorts.

There is also a wart that may be mistaken for a mole that is called molluscum contagiosum. These are tiny pale lumps that are filled with cheesy material. These can be confusing because they are not true warts but they are just like warts. these appear in groups that are usually in children,especially children who have eczema.The appearance of a mole  is a dark patch that constitutes a mole. A mole may be flat or raised above the surrounding skin.There is also a sebaceous cysts. These cysts are sometimes mistaken for warts.

A sebaceous cyst typically will appear  as a soft,smooth,yellowish lump just under the surface of the skin. Sometimes a tiny dark dot can be seen in the skin over the center of the cyst. Your scalp is the most common site for these harmless growths.Most warts will disappear on their own within a few months but sometimes in rare cases it may be several years. If you are concerned about any spots that have come up on your skin then please do not ever hesitate talking with your doctors about these concerns.

If you have warts that you may think are unsightly or annoying, You could make use of  home remedies. Check this article on home remedies. But if it did not work for you go to a dermatologist who can recommend a treatment that is right for your situation. In older people ,what looks like a wart may be a more serious skin condition such as a type of skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma, So if you are a person who knows a elderly person that might see this as a wart please get it checked out immediately. It could make a great deal of difference in their health.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Treat Palmer Warts Using the Wartrol Wart Remover

Warts, be it Palmer or planter are quite common among small children. The nomenclature of the warts is inspired by the parts of the body where they appear. For instance the Palmer warts appear on the hands and the plantar ones appear on the bottom of an individual's foot. Every person suffers from warts at some point of their life.
What Are Palmer and Plantar Warts?
Before discussing about how to treat them, it is necessary to comprehend the warts. Palmer warts are skin growths that are noncancerous in nature. Such growth is primarily triggered by a viral infection especially on the upper skin layer. The virus responsible for the causing of such abnormal skin growths is the human Papillomavirus which is often abbreviated as HPV. There are several strains of the virus that cause warts on hands and feet.
People are of the opinion that Palmer warts are malignant but this is not the case. They are not at all harmful. In a couple of years, warts disappear without any treatment at all. The presence of the warts is characterized by irritation as well as pain. However, that depends on the location of the warts.
Treatment of Warts
To be honest, warts disappear without treatment. If you be a little patient then the warts disappear after sometime.
There are other treatment methods that are widely used incorporating the use of Wartrol Wart Removal. If you are suffering from warts and are seriously planning to get rid of the warts then you can buy the wart removal directly from the manufacturer. In this way, you can avail the quality product at best prices. Manufacturers also offer money back guarantee to their customers. You can buy the product from its official website. It cannot be found in Walgreen as well as other stores.
The product is made up of natural ingredients that are effective in curing warts. It is approved by the FDA and is considered to be a very safe as well as effective product. Purchasing the product requires the buyer the fill up an online form and submits that online. The manufacturing company in this context is prompt to deliver the product in time to the buyers.
How does Wartrol work?
The substance need to be applied on the place of the skin where such warts have occurred. It is necessary on the part of the patient to treat the disease before it spreads. Wartrol when applied properly goes deep into the skin and treats the condition from the roots.
The benefits of the substance are plenty and they are discussed as follows:-
• The wart removal is devoid of any side-effects.
• It deals with the condition from the root and prevents its spread to other parts of the body.
• It is very effective and can be used at home
So if you are seriously craving to get relief from Palmer warts then using the Wartrol wart removal is the most effective way to deal with the situation. It gives lasting relief to the individual suffering from the disease. So, if you are suffering from warts and want a safe, prompt, effective and lasting remedy then buy Wartrol Wart Remover now.