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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Genital Wart Removal - A Brief Guide

Genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the genitals of adults - both females and males. Genital wart removal is the process of healing these infections and needs to be done as soon as the infection is detected to avoid development of further complications.
The greatest percentage of these warts is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which has various strains with some of them causing cancer. 

The virus causes development of tiny flesh colored lesions that may appear on the genitals or in the anal region but some cases have been known to occur in the mouth and throat regions for people who have engaged in oral sex. The warts are usually asymptomatic hence most people will not feel any pain but depending on the region they occur you may feel some pain. HPV though sexually transmitted does not require exchange of body fluids like other STIs but rather simply coming into contact with the infected skin will cause you to be infected.

The first step in genital wart removal is diagnosis and the first sign of them is the physical appearance of warts on the infected area. For women, a pap test may be used to detect changes in the genital area that the warts may cause. Genital wart removal is however not a cure for the viral infection in your blood. This means that the warts may return and you will need to have warts removed more than once.

How to get Rid of warts

One of the techniques used for genital wart removal is cryotheraphy where the warts are frozen. This could be achieved liquid nitrogen which takes less than a minute. It is a painful process but most doctors do not use anesthesia to numb the area except for extreme cases. The pain from this procedure could last for up to three days or more. Interferon is also another way to freeze warts for removal. It is an antiviral drug that is injected directly into the warts. This is however used in the case of advanced infection.

Laser treatment 
Another technique for genital wart removal is laser treatment. This means that a local anesthesia will probably be used since laser treatment needs to be meticulously done since laser beams can penetrate flesh and cause serious damage to internal organs. Laser beams are high frequency beams of light that are focused on a particular target. They are also used to cut metals so you can imagine the effect they will have on your skin if accidents were to happen.

Excision procedure

Another way of genital wart removal is electrosurgical excision procedure. This method uses a sharp instrument shaped like a loop and passes it under the skin where the wart is. This then cuts off the wart from the skin and effectively removes it.


Genital wart removal does not have to be a physical process of cutting them off; you could buy chemicals which dissolve the warts and get rid of them. You will however need to use these chemicals for a number of days or weeks depending on the severity of your infection. The chemicals for warts removal are specific to the area where they should be used. If you apply chemical that are meant to remove warts on your hands to the genitals, then your skin will be irritated making it sensitive and tender.

Genital warts will not kill you but if you do not have them removed, then you will transmit them to your partner and this could cause problems for your relationship. Use of a condom will not prevent transmission of warts. The only way is to have genital wart removal procedures.

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