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Monday, August 8, 2016

Top Home Remedies that Effectively Gets Rid Of Warts


Warts are grown by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes their rapid growth and spread. It is often advised that you employ adequate treatment as soon as possible once you notice the symptoms. Without going into many medical details on the reasons for their occurrence, possible solutions are highlighted on how to get rid of them.

Here are some tested and approved ways to get rid of warts using home warts remedies. Although a lot of people out there are not much away from this natural methods, but over the years these proven medics have ransomed so many warts hazards.

How to identify warts

It is important you make sure you're dealing with warts because there are many skin conditions that look like warts such as moles and corns. warts are really an uncomfortable rash because of its frequent itching at their spot. Warts cause more pain when pressed together by the sides, if it doesn't it may just be callous.

 Home Warts Remedies That Work  

Duct Tape: Believe it or not, a very popular home remedy on how to get rid of warts is by using good old 'Duct Tape' In fact, it is a reliable prove by researchers that it eliminates warts completely and as quickly and painless as possible.If you’re willing to give this method a try, simply apply the duct tape directly on warts, allow the duct tape to stick properly on warts for about a week and then remove the tape. Soak warts in water and then scrub off with a pumice stone and watch warts immediately come off. This again is a time tested method on how to get rid of warts.

Aloe Vera: Using aloe Vera is another home method of warts removal. All you have to do is dip a small portion of cotton wool into an aloe gel solution preferably for about a minute, tape the aloe-soaked cotton wool directly on your warts. Add additional aloe gel to the cotton wool once every few hours and make sure to change the cotton wool daily and within the week warts should fall off.

Castor oil: This is another method which has proven effective in eliminating warts.     Apply the castor oil onto the affected area of warts on your skin and then massage the lubricants on that area of your skin with your fingers. Repeat this for a period of one to two weeks and your warts should disappear.

Banana peel: The banana peel is quite effective when it comes to warts removal, simply rub the banana peel on the wart area and within 2 weeks it will clear away. It is proper to be consistent with this method to achieve an effective result.

Lime juice and apple cider vinegar: This dual juice extracts are also well-known warts home removal remedies. Just soak a piece of cotton in one of these juice liquids and apply on the affected area, and if consistently done, it will slowly melt warts away by the citric acids contained in the fruit liquid. Additional warts removing techniques include: using chalk, aspirin, dandelion, baking soda, papaya, and milkweed. These and many others are all individual solutions and are to be applied topically. It is important you make sure, you are not allergic to any of these ingredients when choosing a home remedy.

These warts removal home remedies can be used in all wart cases except for warts which can only be found in the genital area. It’s best to consult a physician for a proper diagnosis if you think you have genital warts.
Having warts on your body can really be embarrassing but getting rid of them fast is a bold step. Considering all the best home remedies and applying them, you can say bye-bye to all your warts and stay healthy.

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